LightStocksFx Fund Management

Benefit from the proactive advice we commit ourselves to providing you

LightStocksFx manages portfolios in accordance with the highest business standards, techniques and our clients’ mandates.

Discretionary Mandate

We take control of your investment. LightStocksFx Discretionary Mandate provides you with the opportunity to assign to us the management of your assets. Our offering includes a wide range of assets from different geographical locations from different sectors. We offer personalised strategies with according to our clients’ desires and needs. With a leading team of professionals located in Zurich, Switzerland, we offer to our clients' traditional investment methods in new ways.

How you will benefit from our Portfolio Management?
  • Finest investment plan presentation based on your profile;
  • Our clients' assets are managed professionally and proficiently;
  • Attractive Fees;
  • Portfolio Managers from various academic backgrounds including Swiss investment bankers with comprehensive experience in the investment banking world, including quantitative analysts, economists, financiers and investment managers;
  • We understand our clients’ financial needs and develop the most suitable investment strategy on an individual basis;
  • All portfolio management mandates are performed according to European legislation;
  • We emphasise transparency and support as our core values.
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All account types are offered to both institutional and individuals.

Please be aware that the information and services described herein may be not be available and/or applicable in some jurisdictions, and are subject to LightStocksFx Terms & Conditions.