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LightStocksFx Faq


      What is "FOREX"?

      The international currency market of "FOREX" (Forex, Foreign Exchange Market) — is a set of operations on foreign currencies purchase and sale.


      Where is the international currency market of "FOREX"?

      "FOREX" has no concrete location for tendering. Transactions between bidders are carried out by means of the Internet, thus one party can be in Europe, and another in Asia.


      Who are the main participants of the currency market?

      Key participants of the currency market are the central and commercial banks, investment funds, broker companies, dealing centers, and also individual traders.


      Who is a Market maker?

      Market makers (from English market maker, the founder of the market) on the currency market — it is the companies which accept risks. They own a certain quantity of currency for trade maintenance on it, even when the market is illiquid.


      Who is a broker?

      The broker (from English broker, the intermediary at the conclusion contract) — is the company or the legal entity, the professional participant of the market, who has the right to make trade operations at the request of the client and at his expense or on his own behalf and at client expense on the basis of onerous contracts with the client.


      Who is a trader?

      The trader (from English trade, trade) — is a person committing operations on the currency market. He earns on the rate fluctuations of world currencies. The essence of the market participant activity consists of the information analysis, forecasts creation and transaction at the necessary moment. The key to success of the trader — the knowledge of bases of the fundamental and technical analysis, rules of capital management, the main aspects of exchange trade psychology.

      At the expense of what a trader earns?*

      The principle the trader work on the currency market is simple. To earn, it is necessary to buy currency cheaper, and to sell more expensive or vice-versa. The advantage of the FOREX market before other financial markets is — here it is possible to earn both on the market growth, and on its falling.


      What are the most commonly traded currencies on “FOREX”?

      The main currencies on the currency market are US dollar (USD), euro (EUR), Japanese yen (JPY), British pound (GBP), Canadian dollar (CAD), Australian dollar (AUD) and Swiss franc (CHF).


      How much a trader can earn on currency fluctuations?

      Everything depends on desire of a trader and that, how much time and effort he is ready to devote to work on the currency market. As many professionals experience shows, it is real to earn 100% a year and even more on the “FOREX” market.


      "FOREX" — is it something like a lottery?

      The international currency market is not a lottery where it is worth relying only on an occasion. For success achievement it is necessary the knowledge which can be gathered from books, subject magazines, Internet resources, and also at webinars, seminars and courses which are held by experts. For successful trade on "FOREX" it is necessary to study the principles of work and bases of the currency market analysis. The insufficient level of knowledge and qualification of the trader can lead to losses.


      What it is better to begin with?

      Begin with the examination of schedules, analyze, and carefully follow trend changes. Constantly be engaged in self-improvement — study subject literature. You will surely find all on the «LightStocksFx » Company site: ( Adhering to the similar scheme, soon you will achieve success.

      To trade it is better to begin with a demo account. However many professionals hold to the opinion that work on a demo account doesn't give a complete image of real trade on the FOREX market and therefore it is better to begin with small, but the real sum on the real trading account. So it is up for.

      By the way, you can take part in competitions which are offered to the clients by the « LightStocksFx » Company. So, risking nothing, you will be able to check own trade strategy and get necessary experience.


      What education a trader must to have?

      On the FOREX market your diploma isn't important. As practice shows, the one who really aspires to it achieves success only. The main thing is your desire to master currency trade, and you will be able quickly to learn all necessary things, because today a trader has an opportunity to use the mass of free educational resources to gain necessary knowledge and skills for trade on "FOREX".


      Whether it is necessary for a trader to know English?

      Not necessarily. The trade platform "MetaTrader 4" and any others which exist in the different companies, is provided in English. You can find all other necessary materials in Russian on our site ( and on other subject resources.

      How many means is it necessary to have for starting trade on the currency market?

      In the « LightStocksFx » Company the minimum deposit size makes 10 US dollars.


      What is the hedging?

      Hedging (from English hedge, an insurance, a guarantee) — this insurance of risks of the price changes. It is carried out by the conclusion contracts on the forward markets. The first operations with futures were put into Chicago with the purpose to protect goods from sharp situation changes on the currency market. The mechanism of hedging consists of obligations balancing, i.e. opening of counter positions on currencies purchase and sale.


      What is the spread?

      The spread (from English spread, a difference) — is a difference between the offer on currencies purchase and sale. The spread — it is that broker "earns» on the transactions of clients.


      What is the warrant?

      The warrant — is the order, arriving to the broker from the trader on the currency sale or purchase at determined price. The warrant works till the execution or cancellation, so the trader at any actions with warrants needs to wait for the confirmation of such actions from the broker. Important elements of trade on "FOREX" — warrants "take-profit" and "stop loss".


      What is the "stop loss" and "take-profit"?

      The "Stop loss» warrant (English stop loss) — is the order under which the position is liquidated at the specified price automatically. This warrant is the tool limiting losses in situations when the market goes against the trader.

      The "Take-profit» warrant (English take profit) is an order which is intended for profit fixing on an open position at the determined price achievement by a financial instrument. This warrant is the tool for timely fixing of the profit — until the moment that the market will develop in the adverse direction for the investor.


      What is the leverage?

      Leverage is the ratio between the mortgage sum and volume of the carried-out transaction. For example, the leverage 1:100 means that for carrying out the trade operation it is necessary to have on the trading account the sum 100 times smaller, than an amount of transaction.


      What is the quotation?

      The quotation is the cost of one currency in terms of another on a certain time point. It is the most concrete dimension, unlike exchange rate.


      Are the quotations identical on educational and on the real account?

      The « LightStocksFx » Company adheres to all rules and values the clients therefore on any type of the accounts; all Quotations are identical, what guarantees our success!


      Where are quotations taken from and what the concept "quotes flow" means?

      Market quotations are formed on the basis of supply and demand. Bidders for obtaining necessary data use news agencies Bloomberg, Electronic Broking Services (EBS) and etc.


      What is the Bid (Bid) and Ask (Ask)?

      The Bid is the demand price that is the price at which the client is ready to buy a certain currency. In the quotation it is always specified on the left.

      The Ask is the offer price that is the price at which the client is ready to sell a certain currency. In the quotation it is always specified on the right.

      Account opening. Input and output of means


      How to open the real account for trade?

      To open the real trading account, it is necessary:

      1. To register on the site of the « LightStocksFx » Company ( then you will have an individual trading account in the « LightStocksFx » Company.
      2. To enter a private office, using the login and the password.
      3. To open the main page of the « LightStocksFx Company» site.
      4. On the « LightStocksFx » Company site to choose a trade platform ("MetaTrader 4") on which you would like to start trading and download it to your computer or any other carrier.
      5. After that the letter will come to your e-mail with the indication of personal data for access to your trading account in the trade platform chosen by you.
      6. To fill up the trading account. About possible ways of the account replenishment you can learn in the section "Input and Output of Means" or on the « Europe Octa Fx » Company site.
      7. When you receive the notice that the personal account is replenished, you will be able to transfer funds to your trading account, following prompts on the site and in the "Private office".


      What is the currency of the deposit and how much does the minimum deposit make?

      The deposit currency — the American dollar, and the minimum deposit makes an equivalent of $10.

      Pay attention that you can fill up personal account in national currency of your country if such an opportunity is provided in a private office on the site". For example, replenishment in such currencies is available: US dollar, euro, British Pound, Crypto Currencies, etc.


      Can I open at once some trading accounts for myself?

      The « LightStocksFx » Company gives to clients an opportunity to open some trading accounts at the same time. You can open to 3 accounts in the trade platform "MetaTrader 4", and also to 3 accounts in the trade cTrader platform.


      Where can I find detailed instructions on input-output of money?

      You will find detailed instructions on use of all systems on the « LightStocksFx » Company site: (, or in the "Private office". Also you will be able to examine them just before use in your "Private office".


      How to withdraw money from the trading account?

      To withdraw money from the trading account, it is necessary to open the My Accounts tab in the "Private office" and to submit an application for a withdrawal of funds from your trading or "Investment" account for personal account. From the "Investment" account funds are transferred to a personal account immediately, but not more than 15 minutes, but some time as the financial service needs to check existence/absence at you open trade positions can take no more than 15 min., a withdrawal of funds from the Trading account can take some time, because the financial service needs to check existence/absence of open trade positions. For a funds withdrawal from the personal account you can choose any way of calculations which is more convenient for you.


      How can I remove the trading account?

      To remove the trading account, you need to submit the corresponding application to a support service or [email protected]  After the Security service of the « LightStocksFx » Company will check your demand, the account will be removed. Pay attention that during the check your trading account will be blocked. As soon as the demand will be checked, the notice of removal of the trading account will come on your e-mail address.


      How to open a demo account?

      To open the demonstration account, it is necessary to download the trade platform "MetaTrader 4" from the company site, to undergo the procedure of registration and open the account. More details how to make it, you can find on the Company site to the address: (

      What is the difference between the demo-account and the real one?

      The only difference between a demo - account and a real one that on the educational account you work with virtual means. For the rest on a demo account you face real market conditions.




      What is the period of a demo - account validity?

      If you use the account constantly, the term of its work is infinite. If within 30 days you didn't use the account — it is liquidated automatically. Thus you can open a new demo - account at any time without any restrictions.Questions about trade on the FOREX market


      How many transactions have I to carry out within a month?

      There are no restrictions. Make so many commercial transactions, as your trade tactics demands.


      How long can I trade on the currency market?

      You can trade during the whole working week. Saturday and Sunday are days off. And also you can learn more detailed information on trade graphics, marginal requirements and other on pages of the « LightStocksFx » Company site to the address:


      What the concept "the leverage size" means?

      The leverage size is the ratio between the sum of pledge of your real means and volume of the means available to trade. For example, it is 1:50, 1:100, 1:200, 1:500,1:1000.

      Let's say that there are 100 US dollars on your account. It means, the leverage 1:100 grants to you the right to use 10 000 dollars for commission of operations on the stock exchange (the sum, by 100 times surpassing the actual pledge in 100 dollars). This mechanism is capable to increase potential profit of the trader many times over.

      1:100 — the standard leverages size. Beginners are recommended to choose such size, for decreasing a risk level, and to professional traders — bigger for trade with the higher level of profitability/risk.

      The maximum leverage is equal to 1:500, 1:1000 in the « LightStocksFx » Company.


      Whether is it possible to trade in the « LightStocksFx » Company with a smaller leverage?

      In the « LightStocksFx » Company the leverage 1:100 is standard, however, if desired, you can choose the leverage size from 1:500, 1:1000 (maximum) to 1:1 (minimum). To change leverage is possible in the private office or having submitted a written application to a support service, but isn't more often than 1 time a month.

      I came into the real trading account in "MetaTrader 4", but currencies schedules don’t open (the status "Updating expectation"). What shall I do? We pay your attention that by default in the trade terminal "MetaTrader 4" schedules of currencies for type of trading accounts of FIX are output. You simply need to close them, in the "Menu" of the terminal to open new and necessary quotations to you then everything will work, and show on your device.


      Why is the private area important?

      The "Private area" of the client is the personal working space of the trader. Exactly here your personal data which you left at registration are stored. Also here you can refill balance of the account and request a means withdrawal. The client’s personal / private area must be protected at all times.

      At LightStocksFx , we use cutting edge technology to ensure your information is secure and private.

      Among other methods, we use 128bit SSL encryption.

      For more detailed information, please refer to our Privacy Policy


    What types of investment are offered by the « LightStocksFx » Company?

    LightStocksFx Company offers the unique Investments program that allows earning on "FOREX" without efforts.

    * "Investment» is the absence of any investment risk, for the private client or the corporate client of the LightStocksFx Company, with the guaranteed income of 7% per month.


    How can I invest in the « Europe Octa Fx » Company?

    To take part in our investment program, enter a private office on the “LightStocksFx ” site ( and transfer the necessary amount on your new "Investment" personal account which will be used further by you as the account for the "Investment" program.


    What is the minimum sum of a contribution and expected profit?

    We did everything possible in order that our programs were available for all comers. So, the minimum sum for "Investment" in the program makes only $1000. With participation in the first program the profit will make for you 7% a month, as well as in all other months.


    Is there any risk to lose money?

    The FOREX market is the high-volatile market. It means that to exclude all risks on it completely— it is impossible. The LightStocksFx Companies do everything to minimize such risks. For example, the Investment Program is arranged in such a way that even if you aren't able to trade or simply decided to draw the fixed interest on our program. The LightStocksFx Companies are absolutely safe investments. All your profit is insured by the Company and even if because of any force majeure circumstances, the « LightStocksFx » Companies will pay you the profit from own insurance fund.


    When and how can I take out the profit?

    To take out funds from the account according to the Investments program, you can withdraw funds two months later from the initial start of investment. A bridge in the terms of agreement can result to a minimum of 5% penalty fee.

    *please contact ([email protected]) for more details.


    Can I have accounts in investment programs and take a participation in the auction?

    Yes, you can participate at the same time in the «Investments» program from one account, and from other trading account to carry out the business in the « LightStocksFx » Company. For this purpose you just register in the LightStocksFx Company two trade accounts. From one you will independently conduct the auction, and from the second you will take part in the Investment program.


    Can I invest bonus means in the Investments program?

    No, in the Investments program, only real money of the client is involved. As for bonuses, you can use them in independent trade and also bring them out after winning back.

    Section "Partner Programs"


    I want to become the partner of the MAGNA MARKETS  Company. How can I make it?

    To become a partner of LightStocksFx Company, you need to send the application and the short summary about yourself, on the e-mail: [email protected] Then, within 5 working days you will be answered and contacted by one of the company agents from the partners department.



    Can I take part in the partner program if I have no own site?

    Yes. To cooperate with the « LightStocksFx » Company as the partner, it is optional to have the site. So, you can place referral references on others sites and on social networks, suggest to open the account in the « Europe Octa Fx » Company to the friends and acquaintances, to use possibilities of a contextual advertising, other customer acquisition methods.


    Is it possible to work at the same time in several partner programs?

    Yes. Partners of the « LightStocksFx » Company can participate in different programs at the same time, receiving % of spread from transactions (if the attracted client trades independently) and remuneration, from the income of the attracted client (if the client invests in the Investments program). Also partners of the « LightStocksFx » Company can build a partner network, participating in Two-level model of cooperation.


    Are there any rules on partners work in a contextual advertising?

    The partner is forbidden to place announcements with use of the referral link by requests of the trademark of the LightStocksFx  Company (as well as similar to it to extent of images mixture and/or words, phrases) in the contextual Google Adwords networks and Yandex Direct, and also in other similar systems.


    How to change the size of a provided banner?

    To change the banner size, the partner needs to submit an application on a banner resize, having written on mail of the Partners Support service: [email protected].


    How are clients attracted by the trades?

    In advertising materials which you use for customer acquisition, tracking codes are sewn up. When the potential client follows your referral link to the site of the « LightStocksFx » Company, cookies which register in the computer of your client are traced by these codes. In this regard all subsequent actions of this client will be positioned as action of the client of your referral group.

    Important! Pay attention that the cookies files have property to keep the previous transitions according to links. Therefore whenever possible recommend to the potential clients before transition according to your referral link and registration on a site to clean the cookies files in the browser.


    How often is the statistics in the personal area updated?

    The statistics on the transitions, open accounts and brought deposits is updated once a day and the data on profit is done once a month. 


    How is a calculation of payments in the partner program carried out?

    Charges calculation of partner remuneration happens automatically or during the period from the 5th settlement to the 5th day of the current month.


    When and how can I get a partner reward?

    Partner remuneration is transferred to your personal account automatically or to the 12th day of every month provided that the sum of remuneration makes not less than $10. After that money will arrive at your account, you need to fill in the demand for removal in the private office. The demand will be processed in the established working order. You can bring out means in any way that convenient for you by means of payment cards, electronic or bank transfers provided that you passed the client verification.




    How can I trace changes in an order of granting existing company services of LightStocksFx , and also learn about new company services?

    To be aware of the events occurring in life of the « Europe Octa Fx » Company, you can subscribe for a company newsletter. For this purpose, please, write on mail of the « LightStocksFx » Company Service support. Besides, actual information about work of the company is published in the section "Company News".


    How to take part in these competitions?

    Download from a « LightStocksFx » Company site the trade terminal and establish it on the computer. Then authorize on our site and in the "Private office" find the section "Competitions". Further press the Registration button near the chosen type of the competition. You receive the login and the password which needs to be entered in the terminal then you can start trading. We wish you good luck!


    When and how I will be able to earn partner reward?

    Partner remuneration is transferred into your personal account automatically or to the 12th day of every month provided that the sum of remuneration makes not less than $10. After money will arrive into your account, you need to fill in the demand for removal in a personal area. The demand will be processed in the established working order. You can remove means in any way convenient for you by means of credit/debit cards, wire or bank transfers and Crypto, provided that you passed verification of the client.


    How I can trace changes in an order of granting existing company services of « LightStocksFx », and also learn about new company services?

    Always to be aware of the events occurring in life of the « LightStocksFx » Company, you can subscribe for a company newsletter. For this purpose, please, write on mail of a support service of the « LightStocksFx » Company. Besides, actual information on work of the company is published in the section "Company News".


    What are the Company competitions?

    LightStocksFx Competitions — it is a special competitions for Live and Demo traders in which each registered client of LightStocksFx Company can take part, and it is absolutely free. The details of our competitions will be publicized on the company website for public notice and participation..


    How to me to take part in these competitions?

    Download from a « LightStocksFx » Company site the trade terminal and establish it on the computer. Then become authorized on our site and in "Private office" find the section "Competitions". Further press the Registration button near chosen as you like competition. You receive login and the password which need to be entered in the terminal then you can start trading. We wish good luck!


    What contribution is necessary for participation in competitions?

    Participation in competitions is absolutely free. For this purpose your trading account and balance have to be always positive.


    How winners and the sizes of their prizes are defined?

    Prize-winning places are determined by the profit percentage from the starting sum. The winner is the participant who during the competition earned the maximum profit from the starting sum of the competitive account.


    How can I know the competition results?

    The information about the competition results is published on the « LightStocksFx » Company site. The participants who have taken prizes, in addition receive the message about their victory on the inbox specified by them at the company site registration. (


    If you have any questions, please, address to us. Experts of clients support service surely will help you 24/5!

For general inquiries please contact [email protected]